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Dont have a lot of space? Order one of our wall unit displays! These displays attach to the wall and wont take up any of your floor space.
Artist Product Name Product ID
 Display 60 View   Black $440.40   st2418p30
 Display Wall Mount   Mini Wall Unit 20x14 10 Panels $175.20   s2014
 Display Wall Mount   Mini Wall Unit 20x14 20 Panel $309.60   s2014
 Display Wall Mount   Mini Wall Unit 20x14 30 Panel $372.00   s2014
 Jumbo Wall Unit 20 View   Black $542.40   s7331p10
 Jumbo Wall Unit 20 View 60x40   Black $542.40   s6040p10
 Jumbo Wall Unit 20 View 63x22   Black $474   s6322p10
 Jumbo Wall Unit 40 View   Black $992.40   s7331p20
 Jumbo Wall Unit 40 View 60x40   Black $992.40   s6040p20
 Jumbo Wall Unit 40 View 63x22   Black $769.20   s6322p20
 Jumbo Wall Unit 60 View   Black $1393.20   s7331p30
 Jumbo Wall Unit 60 View 60x40   Black $1393.20   s6040p30
 Jumbo Wall Unit 60 View 63x22   Black $1048.80   s6322p30
 Mini Wall Unit 30 View 24x18   Black $236.40   s2418p15
 Mini Wall Unit 60 View 24x18   Black $440.40   s2418p30
 Wall Rack, 60 Views.   Granite/Gray. $1222.80   WR-30
 Wall Unit 20 View 28x22   Black $210   s2822p10
 Wall Unit 20 View 40x30   Gray or Granite $404.40   s4030p10
 Wall Unit 40 View 28x22   Black $426   s2822p20
 Wall Unit 40 View 37x26   Black $542.40   s3725p20
 Wall Unit 40 View 40x30   Gray or Granite $734.40   s4030p20
 Wall Unit 60 View 28x22   Black $582   s2822p30
 Wall Unit 60 View 37x26   Black $756   s3725p30
 Wall Unit 60 View 40x30   Gray or Granite $1004.40   s4030p30
 Wall Unit Rack, 20 Views.   Black/White. $340.80   s3731p10
 Wall Unit Rack, 40 Views.   Black/White. $607.20   s3731
 Wall Unit Rack, 60 Views.   Black/White. $846   s3731

Last Updated 2015-04-01