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Studio B 24x36 inch Poster - $4.00 each
Artist Product Name Product ID
 3 Stooges   Golf With Your Friends   P1224
 3 Stooges   Are You Ready For Football   P1240
 3 Stooges   Collage   P1258
 3 Stooges   Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe   P1245
 3 Stooges   Drink Yer Self Stoopid   P1264
 3 Stooges   Opening Credits   P1260
 3 Stooges   Dunces Wild   P1269
 3 Stooges   Legalize Shemp   P1275
 3 Stooges   Institute of Higher Learnin   P1284
 Alice in Wonderland   Collage   P3089
 Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman   Movie Sheet   P4730
 Beatles   100 Songs Magical Mystery Tour   M714
 Biffle, R.   Tip to the Sun (22x35)   P2340
 Biffle, R.   Alice In Wonderland   P3000
 Biffle, R.   Labyrinth Falls   P3025
 Biffle, R.   Octopus Garden   P3050
 Biffle, R.   Aquatic Balance   P2175
 Bikini Island   Bikini Island   P0100
 Breitenbach, T.E.   Morrison Triptych   P8150
 Cannabis Sativa   Cannabis Sativa   P3149
 Casablanca   Movie Sheet   P6034
 Casablanca   Collage   P6030
 Caterpillar Hookah   Feed Your Head   P3143
 Chesire Cat   We Are All Mad Here   P3119
 CoExist   CoExist   P2592
 Coexist   Waterdrop   P2627
 CoExist   World   P2575
 Creeper   Optical Illusion   B413
 DaVinci, Leonardo   Vetruvian Man   P0868
 Death Rides A Pale Horse   Death Rides A Pale Horse (31x23)   B410
 Dont Tread on Me   Snake   P3062
 Dubois, M.   Gnome Fishin   P3030
 Dubois, M.   Gnome Mushroom Harvest   P3034
 Dubois, M.   Musical Frog   P3032
 Easy Rider   Film Festival   P6910
 Easy Rider   Live Free, Ride Free   P6934
 Easy Rider   Two Bikes   P6922
 Electric Garden   Electric Garden (32x22)   B411
 Evolinium   Tribal Ying Yang   P3006
 Finegood, D.   Hollyweed   P3065
 Frankenstein   Vintage Portrait   P3185
 Grateful Dead   Sunshine Daydream   P6020
 Grateful Dead   Dead Hand   P7824
 Grateful Dead   Dead Serenade   P7828
 Grateful Dead   100 Dead Songs   P7820
 Grateful Dead   Grateful Dead Collage   P2886
 Grateful Dead   Trucking to Europe   P7836
 Grateful Dead   Dead Live   P7839
 Grateful Dead   Terrapin Sunflower   P9952
 Grateful Dead   40th Anniversary   P9954
 Grateful Dead   Grateful Grower   P9956
 Grateful Dead   Deadheads Over GGB   B414
 Guevara, Che   Portrait   P1266
 Hepburn, Audrey   Scarf   P4096
 Horak, M.   Enchanted Forest (32x22)   B403
 House on Haunted Hill   1959 Movie Sheet   P3198
 Imagine   Memorial   B412
 Indomitable Will   Ghandi   P2788
 Jasper, J.   Peace Love & Happiness (32x22)   B404
 Lennon Memorial Wall   Lennon Memorial Wall   P1625
 Mark of the Vampire   Bela Lugosi   P3192
 Marley, Bob   Electric (22x28)   P1101
 Marley, Bob   Tuff Gong   P0705
 Marley, Bob   Ancient   P1102
 Martin Luther King Jr.   Character   P0812
 Masse, Tom   Down the Rabbit Hole   P5867
 Masse, Tom   Yellow Submarine (32x22)   M706
 Masse, Tom   Celestial Harvest   M713
 Masse, Tom   Field of Dreams   M702
 Masse, Tom   Castle Rock (22x28)   M704
 Masse, Tom   Memphis   M701
 Masse, Tom   Last Dance   M709
 Masse, Tom   Peace Pipe (22x28)   M703
 Masse, Tom   Wizard of Oz   M712
 Masse, Tom   Mountain High   M708
 Masse, Tom   The Atrium   M710
 Masse, Tom   Wonderland   M711
 Masse, Tom   Apocalypse   M707
 Mikio   Rainforest Benefit   P2180
 Mikio   Living Planet (24x30)   P2165
 Monroe, Marilyn   Couch   P1431
 Monroe, Marilyn   Dress   P1435
 Morrison Grave Site   Morrison Grave Site   P5054
 Mummy   Boris Karloff   P3188
 Nosferatu   Schreck, Max   P3140
 Oh Shi***!-   Trainwreck   P2148
 Optical Illusion   Fractal Illusion 2.0   P4056
 Optical Illusion   Psychodelic Pulse   P4460
 Optical Illusion   Fractal Explosion   P4062
 Phantom Of The Opera   Chaney, Lon   P3187
 Planet Shroom   Shrooms   P3210
 Reefer Madness   Movie Sheet   P3182
 Respite   Ripple   P3242
 Respite   Pipe   P2407
 Rolling Stones   Rolling Stones Songs   P7822
 Rosie The Riveter   We Can Do It   P0052
 Sheehan, C.   This Is Only A Test   P3110
 Sheehan, C.   Acquired Awareness   P3100
 Sheehan, C.   Conscious Existance   P3105
 Skull Smoking   Skull Smoking   P3122
 Strawberry Fields Memorial   Imagine   P1615
 Tasty Choices   Marijuana   P5760
 Tenniel, John   Alice Collage   P3089
 Tiananmen Square   Tiananmen Square   P2583
 VJ Day   Wars End Kiss   P0272
 Wall, Josephine   Crystal of Enchantment   P9521
 Wall, Josephine   Fairys Fairy   P9507
 Wall, Josephine   Keys to Eternity   P9504
 Wall, Josephine   Natures Guardian Angel   P9542
 Wall, Josephine   Tree of Peace   P9537
 Wall, Josephine   Bubble World   P9516
 Wall, Josephine   Dragon Ship   P9535
 Wall, Josephine   Enchanted Flute   P9527
 Wall, Josephine   Andromedas Quest   P9529
 Wall, Josephine   Silken Spells   P9546
 Wall, Josephine   No More   P9553
 Waterdrop   CoExist   P2627
 What Me Worry   Alfred E. Bush   P3005
 Ziewe, Jurgen   Liquid Mushroom   P7046
 Zig Zag   Rolling Paper   P2516

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