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Concert 11x17 inch Posters - Only $4.00
Artist Product Name Product ID
 .38 Special   with Iron Maiden   os2023
 3 Stooges   Film Festival   os2026
 311   Live w/ Hoobstank   os2030
 AC/DC   w/ Razors Edge Civic Arena   os0111
 Aerosmith   At the Civic Arena, 1980   os0106
 Aerosmith   With Special Guest Guns n Roses   os0107
 America   Special Guest Stephen Stills   os0160
 Bachman Turner Overdrive   Special Guest Mitch Ryder & Detroit Wheels 1984   os0280
 Baker-Gurvitz Army   Fresh Energies Theater   os0210
 Beach Boys   Beach Boys 25th Anniversary Tour   os0216
 Black Sabbath   Featuring W.A.S.P.   os0272
 Bon Jovi   Wanted Dead or Alive   os0253
 Bon Jovi   Live at the Johnstown War Memorial   os0254
 Bon Jovi   Group   os0251
 Bowie, David   Live at Civic Arena Nov. 19   os0273
 Buffet, Jimmy   Floridays Tour with the Coral Reefer Band   os0284
 Clapton, Eric   With Special Guest Buckwheat Zydeco   os0344
 Costello, Elvis   Trust   os0350
 Crosy, Stills and Nash   w/ Bob Dylan April 25th   os0380
 Cult   Special Guest Divinyls   os0390
 Dave Matthews Band   Live in Concert   os1317
 Def Leppard   Live at Civic Arena Jan. 17   os0420
 Depeche Mode   At Six Flags Over Georgia   os0416
 Doors, The   Live 1970   os0465
 Dylan, Bob   Portrait   os0491
 Eagles   Pittsburgh, PA The Long Run Tour 1979   os0505
 Emerson, Lake and Palmer   with Ted Nugent   os0551
 Emerson, Lake and Powell   Special Guest Yngwie Malmsteen 1985   os0550
 Firm   Special Guest Virginia Wolf 1986 Civic Arena   os0630
 Fleetwood Mac   Live at the Civic Arena 1987   os0644
 Foster the People   Torches Tour   os0660
 Gabriel, Peter   Pittsburgh, PA Civic Arena November 8   os0705
 Genesis   A Trick of the Tail   os0731
 Genesis   Live at the Civic Arena   os0730
 Genesis w/ Lou Reed   Alpine Arena Live March 1973   os0733
 Grateful Dead   July 2 1985 20th Anniversary Tour Civic Arena   os0765
 Grateful Dead   Live at the Civic Arena   os0766
 Grateful Dead   Phil Lesh and Rat Dog   os1805
 Grateful Dead   Beautiful Day   os0767
 INXS   With Special Guest John Butcher Axis   os0952
 Iron Maiden   Somewhere in Time Tour, 1987   os0968
 Jackson, Michael   1988 World Tour   os1013
 Jerry Garcia Band   Stanley Theatre   os0703
 Jethro Tull   With Special Guest UK   os2080
 Joan Jett & The Blackhearts   Up Your Alley Tour   os1050
 John Kay & Steppenwolf   with The Guess Who at Syria Mosque 1986   os1975
 John, Elton   Live 1973 w/ The Southerland Brothers & Quiver   os0545
 Jones, Tom   Syria Mosque Pittsburgh   os1065
 Journey   With Glass Tiger at Civic Arena   os1056
 Judas Priest   with Dokken at the Civic Arena   os1090
 Kinks   Winter of Confusion 84   os1135
 Kiss   With King Kobra   os1128
 Kiss   The Return of Kiss   os1129
 Kiss   Live at the Civic Arena   os1130
 Kiss   The Return of Kiss - Faces   os1131
 Kiss   Animalize - Group   os1133
 Lauder, Cyndi   Live At the Civic Arena   os1205
 Led Zeppelin   Live 77   os1227
 Led Zeppelin   1969 UK Tour   os1221
 Led Zeppelin   New Barbarians   os1226
 Led Zeppelin   CIvic Arena 1975 Pittsburg   os1228
 Lee, Alvin   Ten Years Later   os1231
 Lennon, Julian   Live at Wheeling Civic Center 1986   os1230
 Lynch Mob   Mad At The World Tour   os1290
 Lynyrd Skynyrd   Live Show Sunday April 27   os1298
 Madonna   World Tour 1987   os1305
 Marley, Ziggy   Concert 1986   os1307
 Mayer, John   Galactic Live May 5th   os1309
 McCartney, Paul   US Tour 1990   os1319
 Megadeth   Live Halloween   os1335
 Metal Monday   Starring Slayer   os1946
 Metallica   Damaged Justice   os1339
 Mike & The Mechanics   Syria Mosque   os1341
 Moody Blues   Live at the Civic Arena   os1352
 Motley Crue   Girls, Girls, Girls Tour 87   os1356
 Motley Crue   Dr. Feel Good   os1357
 Nazareth   w/ Thin Lizzy Stanley Theatre   os2022
 Nicks, Stevie   Stevie Nicks Rock a Little Tour   os1432
 Night Ranger   Live 1977   os1440
 Nine Inch Nails   The Key Club March 31st   os1435
 Nirvana   Live 1991   os1446
 Nirvana   US Tour 1991   os1445
 Nugent, Ted   Special Guest AC/DC, Scorpions   os1490
 Osbourne, Ozzy   Ozzy Osbourne feat. Motorhead   os1599
 Osbourne, Ozzy   Ozzy Osbourne feat. Metallica   os1598
 Page & Plant   Live at the Civic Arena 1995   os1600
 Palmer, Robert   Live 1988   os1605
 Pink Floyd   Oakland Coliseum   os1631
 Pink Floyd   The Wall   os1629
 Pink Floyd   Syd Barrett   os1634
 Pink Floyd   Three Rivers Stadium   os1639
 Pink Floyd   The Division Bell Tour   os1640
 Pink Floyd   Soldier Field June 19   os1637
 Pink Floyd   Live 1973   os1628
 Pink Floyd   Sketch   os1643
 Plant, Robert   Live 1985   os1601
 Queen   Live at The Stanley Theatre Feb 20   os1780
 R.E.M.   Green World Tour 1989   os1816
 Ratdog   Jazz Fest New Orleans 2002   os1805
 Reed, Lou   with Del Lords Live at Syria Mosque   os1825
 Richards, Keith   Live with Ron Wood at the Civic Arena   os1840
 Rolling Stones   Live 1966   os1858
 Rolling Stones   w/ The Eagles 1975   os1859
 Ross, Diana   Live Charleston Civic Arena   os1860
 Rush   w/ Steve Morse   os1891
 Rush   with Starz Live Civic Arena Jan 19   os1890
 Setzer, Brian   Live at Graffiti   os1919
 Sex Pistols   December 28, Leona Theatre   os1916
 Springsteen, Bruce   Live at Stanley Theatre   os1962
 Springsteen, Bruce   In Concert at St. Vincent College   os1960
 Springsteen, Bruce   Live in Concert   os1961
 Steely Dan   New Orleans 2007   os1981
 Stewart, Rod   With Special Guest Air Supply   os1980
 Sting   Bring on the Night Film by Michael Apteo   os1978
 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers   Nov 21 Stanley Theatre with The Fabulous Poodles   os1616
 Tool   Tuesday Sept 26th at Peterson Event Center   os2051
 Twisted Sister   with Special Guest Dokken   os2088
 U2   Joshua Tree Tour   os2171
 U2   Boy Tour - Live at The Decade 1980   os2170
 Van Halen   Live with Steamrock Fever at Civic Arena   os2208
 Van Halen   Civic Arena May 13   os2209
 Vaughan, Stevie Ray   Live Olympia 1986   os2213
 Vaughan, Stevie Ray   With The Stray Cats   os2210
 Vaughan, Stevie Ray   With The Thunderbirds   os2212
 Whitesnake   Civic Arena 1987 w/Great White   os2330
 Who   Live in Concert   os2335
 Who, The   Live 1975   os2336
 Williams Jr, Hank   with Earl Thomas Conley   os2342
 Williams Jr., Hank   w/ Bama Band 1982   os2343
 Yanni   2012 North American Tour   os2510
 Yes   Live at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena Wed. April 11   os2525
 Zappa, Frank   Live at the Vets Memorial Auditorium 1977   os2606
 Zappa, Frank   Live at the Vets Memorial Auditorium 1976   os2605
 ZZ Top   with Aerosmith 1976   os2690

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